We’re a family from Indiana and LRae entered a contest to design a sewing room. I told her she needed something unique to get the judges attention, so she made a design called “6 Daughters, 6 Wedding dresses” and submitted it.

Well, she made the top 10! (of thousands of entries)

Now the help part… I told her if she could make the top 10 I could probably win it for her…  :-(  {open mouth insert foot}

Soooo… Could you go vote for her, please?  (you could win a $500 fabric prize for voting)

vote for this one –> “6 Daughters, 6 Wedding dresses by LRae”

The sewing room prize will go nicely to helping make their dresses :-D
(Yes, I really have 6 daughters, 2 sons too)


PS, You could send this on to everyone you know! :-)

PPS, If you have contact with another group, you could send this on to them too and ask them to help! Perhaps we can get help from the whole country!