Hi everyone! Thanks for visiting my blog!

This week is a special carnival of giveaways at many blogs all over the world! We have decided to participate and it will be so much fun to be able to give something away as a prize as well as enter others’ giveaways. You may see the full list of giveaways at bloggygiveaways.com.


UPDATE: THANK YOU ALL FOR VOTING! Ellen’s design has won! It’s official:





We are giving away three items this week: a Nature’s Garden 8X8 scrapbook kit, a plumeria fragrance candle set, and the 1st volume of Jonathan Park on CD.

Please read the rules below before leaving your comment(s)!

You can enter as many times as you have email addresses, just leave a comment with each of the email addresses you use.


LRae made it into the finalists in the CraftStylish Ultimate Sewing Room contest with her design titled “6 Daughters, 6 Wedding Dresses.” And since the contest is mostly a popularity contest relying on the contestants to drive traffic to the website, we’re trying to do just that! :)

We’re asking that you go vote for her design “6 Daughters, 6 Wedding Dresses” and then come back here and leave a comment letting us know you voted for her.  You must be 18 years old or older to vote.

CraftStylish and Fabric.com are giving away a $500 fabric.com gift card to one of the voters when the contest ends. It could be YOU!

So here are the rules to follow:

a- Go to http://tinyurl.com/6dresses and vote for the “6 Daughters, 6 Wedding Dresses” design.

b- Return here and leave a comment that you voted for us.

c- You can vote with each email you have for each person in your house over 18. Just leave us a comment for each one.

d- The voting contest ends Tuesday night Jan 27th at midnight.

e- We’ll randomly select three (3) winners before Saturday Jan 31st, email them and post the results!

f- International votes are ok here, but cannot qualify for the $500 fabric.com prize.

Thanks so much and HAVE FUN this week!

ZMac & LRae

*of course you don’t HAVE to vote to enter.
But we’d really like it if you did!

156 Responses to “Bloggy Giveaways This Week!”

  1. Cari

    Voted for you! Prayerfully you’ll win!

  2. Greg

    Voted for you, too!

  3. Lisa Watts
  4. I voted for you! Good luck! I would love to win one of your giveaways! I’m a homeschooling mom, too, and the Jonathan Park CD’s are on my wish list. ;0)

  5. Voted again with a different email address!

  6. One more time with a different email! Hope you win!

  7. Meant to mention that I voted for myself, my husband, and my mom (who would LOVE to win the $500 Fabric certificate from the website). ;0) So there are 3 of us over 18, as per the rules.

  8. I voted for you with our 5 email addresses. The votes are increasing quickly!

  9. I voted! Best of luck to you!

  10. I voted! Love to support fellow homeschoolers.

  11. Cindy S

  12. Cindy Swionder

  13. Stacy

    I voted. Good luck.

  14. Barbara

    VOTED! YIPPIE .. Good luck.

  15. Carol

    Voted. Thanx for the chance.

  16. Lori Z.

    I voted for you and you were the first one listed, don’t know if that’s due to the title or the popularity, but I hope you win!

  17. angela c

    I voted for you!
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    angelacisco at rocketmail.com

  18. I voted for you! Good luck!

  19. Shellie Seering

    i voted…good luck!

  20. Sheila H

    I voted for you from my email addy!!

  21. Sheila H

    I voted from my hubbys email addy too!!

  22. Veronica Jarvis

    I voted! It said “Thank You For Voting!

    You have automatically been entered for a chance to win a $500 shopping card from Fabric.com.

    Enter once each day to increase your chance to win.”

  23. I voted for you! And I really did like your best!

  24. And one more time! Hope you win!

  25. audra

    I voted! Best of luck on the contest!

  26. Linda White

    I did vote and they were all so nice!

  27. voted again under a different email =) G’luck!

  28. Reeva

    good luck to you! I’m having so much fun making friends and blog-hopping again this year.

    Thanks for such a generous giveaway! I hope I’m chosen as the lucky winner!!!

  29. I voted under email sweepstakes (at) sio dot midco (dot) net

    I must have entered it before using my regular email because it said I already voted using that one :(

  30. Diana

    I voted for you. I hope you win! Thanks!

  31. I voted! Man that 500 dollar fabric.com would be amazing! I am in desperate need for cupcake fabric! :) hehehe

  32. Susan

    I voted!! Good Luck!

  33. I voted for you. I’m not sure what you’ll win, but I hope you do! :)

  34. Jodi

    I voted! Goodluck

  35. Stasi
  36. I voted for you! Hope you win!

  37. Jeannine

    Voted for you. Hope you win.

  38. Pam

    I voted for you . and as a bonus it appears i got entered in another drawing. COOL. Good luck and i hope you win.

  39. Ann Luidhardt

    I voted for ya!! Thanks a bunch!

  40. Matthew Meisenhelder

    i voted :)

    thanks !!

    id love to win :)

    luckymatt5 AT gmail DOT com

  41. My husband and I each voted for you. How much fun!! Hope you win.

    Pam and Marvin

  42. Vera

    I voted for you!!!!!!

  43. Tara Hill
  44. I voted for you! Then, I used another email to vote for you again..hope it helps! Good luck!

  45. Andreah

    I voted and hope you win!

  46. Andreah

    I voted again with a different email address.

  47. Marvin

    voted for you from Rhea’s site. Hope you win!

  48. ryann

  49. ryann

  50. ryann

    voted a 3rd time!

  51. Lindley

    Cool room- I voted!

  52. I voted - good luck! :)

  53. Susan K

    Hi! Voted for 6 dresses- and was pleasantly surprised that Canadians (No Quebec) are eligible for the contest too!

  54. I voted with this email address.

  55. I voted a second time with my husband’s email address.

  56. I voted a third time with my son’s email address.

    My first vote was a couple days ago. The second and third were just now!

    Hope you win. It looks like you’re catching up!

  57. I voted- good luck!
    britt.farris at yahoo dot com

  58. voted with different email (below)
    wonderfullymade729 at gmail dot com


  60. Nancy

    I voted for you. Best of luck!

  61. I voted for you - good luck!

  62. Sonya

    I voted for you! Good luck!

  63. I voted for you!

    Good luck :)

  64. I voted! And, i have a Michigan address!

    Deborah @ Comfort Joy Designs

  65. I voted for you. Good luck.

    Thank You For Voting! You have automatically been entered for a chance to win a $500 shopping card from Fabric.com.

    Thanks for the link to the $500 contest.

  66. I voted! Good luck!

  67. Carol Jo

    I voted for you. Thank you for participating is this giveaway.
    Carol Jo

  68. I voted for you. Good luck in the contest and thanks for the giveaway.

    lmillitch (at) gmail (dot) com

  69. Danielle F

    Voted for you. Thanks for the giveaway!!


  70. I just voted for you!

  71. Voted for you with 5 email addresses, my wife too! Glad to see you made up to 2nd place. Now the sprint to the finish! Heard about you on The Familyman Ministries website.

  72. Voted for you with 5 email addresses, my wife too! Glad to see you made up to 2nd place. Now the sprint to the finish! Heard about you on The Familyman Ministries website.

  73. Voted for you with 5 email addresses.

  74. Sure you wanted a comment for each vote?

  75. My wife voted too.

  76. Good luck ! I voted for you !

  77. Belinda Parker

    I voted for you. Good luck on the big win! Thanks


  78. Hope you win! One daughter, one wedding dress . . .

  79. Faith

  80. Faith

    Voted again with this one.

  81. Faith

  82. Faith

  83. Faith

    He also voted with this one.

  84. Faith

    Hope I remembered to uncheck the boxes for this one. He will not like getting all those offers on him phone. :-P

    Good Luck!


  85. I voted for you! Ta-da!

  86. Voted again with a different email address.

  87. Oh,that scrapbook kit looks awesome! I voted for you!

  88. [...] certainly use the extra space in her home. Please take a few minutes to read about the contest on her blog and then go vote for [...]

  89. Mickeyfan

  90. Lisa

    I voted for you! That’s a neat contest.

  91. Jill Watkins
  92. I voted!

  93. Peggy Gorman

  94. andria

    i voted! good luck!

  95. Jackie

    I voted! Good luck!

  96. I voted, congrats on making it that far!

  97. brenda helgeson
  98. voted for you! Best of luck!

    micaela6955 at msn dot com

  99. Voted for you! thanks for the great giveaway . . .it is my favorite candle scent! (course all the goodies are awesome!)

  100. pamr

    I voted for you! Thanks for the chance!

  101. Tristan

    I voted for you! Thanks for the giveaway!

  102. Jonathan

    Dearest cousin, I have mobilized the troops today, encouraging people that have voted (family & friends) to send out word to all of their contacts. I hope we push you over the top! Emily sends her love to all of the kids.

  103. Rebecca

  104. Gretchen Baker

    I voted! IT would be awesome if you won!

  105. Jennifer F

  106. Jennifer F

    Voted with 2nd email

  107. Jennifer F

    Voted with 3rd email!

  108. Jennifer F

    Voted with my final email address!

  109. Phyllis Adams

    Voted for ya , thanks for the giveaway!

  110. D. Adams

    I voted for you. Thanks

  111. Sara Adams-Croft

  112. Bryan Croft

    voted for you . hope you win

  113. Zachary Adams

    voted for you , nice design

  114. Sara

    Hope you win! Wow, 6 daughters! I have two. ;0)

  115. I tried to vote for you again today, but apparently you can only vote once per email address? I was able to enter the sweepstakes again, but not vote. Is this right? I want to help you win!

  116. molly

  117. Lyn

  118. Shelli

    I voted about 2 days ago with my email addy and today with my daughters. Good luck
    dazelaw @earthlink.net

  119. hazel

  120. hazel

    uhh actually I didn’t, it seems to be closed now, that’ll teach me to comment before actually voting

  121. Ashley

    i voted! good luck!

  122. Amy Gangloff

    I’m sorry, I tried to vote but was to late but I would have . Thanks anyway.

  123. I hope you win! That is so neat. We have 4 daughters. :)

  124. Oh! I voted, too! :)

  125. Ah man, they closed voting. After looking at the pics I would have voted for you anyway (even without the awesome bribe you are giving). Of course to have a sewing room that could hold 4 dressforms…it would have to be huge. I shall be in my fantasy world the rest of the day. rebecca342 at gmail dot com

  126. I’m so glad to see you won!! I voted a while ago, but I had to send out a message to my group HSTreasureTrove (700+ members) yesterday too. Wow! You sure got a lot of last minute voters. :-) I’m so glad to see that you’ll have a great sewing room. I’d be a bit envious…if I actually had an extra room to make into a sewing room. :-) Tell your hubby he did a great job with your PR. :-)

  127. Well voting is closed but I’d love to be entered in the giveaway. :P Here’s my e-mail if it is ok with you to enter me.


  128. The voting has closed (Congratulations!! What a room!), but I’d still like to enter your contest. I love scrapbooking, plumeria and anything from Vision Forum! Thank you for offering such a neat contest!

  129. Valeen N

    I actually voted yesterday! I stumbled across the website and liked your design the best and voted! How cool, that you’re holding a contest and now I can enter it! Besides, anyone that has to sew six wedding dresses deserves to win!

  130. Erica G

    I would have voted, but I was too late. Congrats on winning. Her design is great! Thanks for the giveaway!

  131. Congrats on winning! I couldn’t vote because it’s over, not sure if this entry counts or not. :-)

  132. Congrats on winning!

  133. Carol Jo

    congradulations on winning…I wasn’t able to vote but…thank you for giving me the oportunity at this giveaway…Carol Jo

  134. Amy

    I voted. Good luck :)

  135. Teri

    Good Luck! You got my vote!

  136. Kathy D

    Glad to here you won…….

  137. targetmom

  138. Sara

    Congratulations on your win! When will you be doing the giveaway? I’d love to see the winners posted. Thanks!