We’ve gotten some questions asking if the contest is real or not.

It’s real. Go check out http://www.craftstylish.com , a magazine by Taunton Press.

The Design Your Own Ultimate Sewing Room contest is advertised all over their website, along with the $500 voting prize by fabric.com.



The problem today is that last night, all of the Taunton Press websites went off line about 11:50pm Eastern.

The websites came back online by 2:30am eastern, but the contest voting page was sending people to their online store.

By about 8:00 am eastern the contest link was sending people to the voting results page.

The only thing we can figure is that the voting software crashed and they had to disable it and since it’s a Sunday they don’t have anyone there to fix it.

We are hoping that they get the voting page fixed tomorrow when their computer people get to work!

Since we are only IN the contest and not RUNNING the contest there isn’t anything we can do but wait :(

If you have any questions or want to vote for us, leave a comment or send an email to us at 6daughters AT 6daughters6weddingdresses.com and we’ll notify you when it’s working again.

We assume since there are 10 days left in the contest, CraftStylish will have the voting page fixed ASAP.

Thank you for your votes and support so far. There’s still a long way to go for us to capture first place and hold on to it!


One Response to “The contest at Craftstylish.com is real”

  1. thanks for subscribing to my blog!
    I tried to vote for your wife but I couldn’t get it to take. I’ll try again tomorrow. How cool that she is in 2nd place!

    I’ve only had 2 weddings so far (with 9 to go!) but knowing how to sew will come in very, very, very handy :)