Wow! Snow!

Well, it got a little busy around here yesterday.  While we were busy watching the final moments of the CraftStylish Ultimate Sewing contest, the Big Guy was busy sending us a big blanket of snow.

We woke up pretty much snowed in.  But, it was an opportunity to get out the snow blower. We bought it at an estate auction about 2 years ago for $10 or $15 and I don’t even remember plugging it in to see if it worked. :(

We pulled out three 50-100′ extension cords (the snow blower’s electric) and got busy.

"Digging" Out

"Digging" Out

It still took several hours to clear things out. But we got it and were even able to reach both neighbors.  The southern neighbor works for a prison and had to get picked up since the prisons don’t have snow days. :(  The northern neighbor is a widow and could have been stuck in until the snow melted.

After this we got word that friends were gathering at a local park to sled.  By the time we headed out there were NO sleds left in town. We did manage to find some blow up water devices on clearance at Menards for 5 bucks.  The older children had them inflated by the time we reached the hill.

Sledding is fun, but I wish we had Escher hills. You know, no matter which way you go you’re always going downhill!

Ellen will post a contest update today. Thank you all so very much for helping!


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