Another Birthday Party?!?

Saturday, January 24th, 2009

Go vote for us, please? (you COULD win a $500 prize for voting)

vote for this one –> “6 Daughters, 6 Wedding dresses by LRae”

Well, we were at another birthday party tonight.  But, surprisingly it wasn’t one of ours!


I know, I know, it’s a shock. We do have A LOT of birthday parties around here.

So many, in fact, that the little ones learn to sing happy birthday by the time they are one!

The sewing contest is rough going this week. We just can’t seem to close the gap on 1st place.

Thank you to all who have voted for us, if you have additional email addresses you can vote with those too!
Their rules state one vote per person per email address.

Also, if you have a way to spread the word, let us know!

Thanks a bunch,
ZMac & LRae

Bigger families, Bigger beds

Friday, January 23rd, 2009

Well, even though we have fairly big rooms in our house, our girls bed space was getting a little tight. So dh built them a set of triple bunks. One of our younger dds really enjoyed helping dad build it.

They are enjoying it, and we plan to build a second one some time this year (it’s not as urgent). Now to redorate their room… lol. We bought an old house that was a frat house right before we bought it and so we have been slowly restoring it. Lots of fun, but quite a bit of work. :-)

One of our daughters helping Dad built the triple bunk

One of our daughters helping Dad built the triple bunk

Thanks for stopping by and if you haven’t voted for our sewing room “6 Daughters, 6 Wedding Dresses”, please do so now! Here’s the link:

Dress up

Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

Girls love to play dress up. Below is a picture of one of my girls with a funny wig on at her grandma’s house. They thought it was pretty funny - kind of Egyptian.

A sweet girl in a funny wig

A sweet girl in a funny wig

The girls really like to do crafts and sew and are at various skill levels in regards to both. They would love to continue their learning and expand their opportunities with the prizes from the CraftStylish contest.

If you don’t know about it, you can read earlier posts, but the short story is we designed a sewing room that represented our family and made it into the top ten out of almost 9,000. Now we just need your vote to help us win!

Please consider following this link and voting for 6 Daughters, 6 Wedding Dresses. My girls and I would be very grateful!

Have a great day!

The contest at is real

Monday, January 19th, 2009

We’ve gotten some questions asking if the contest is real or not.

It’s real. Go check out , a magazine by Taunton Press.

The Design Your Own Ultimate Sewing Room contest is advertised all over their website, along with the $500 voting prize by



The problem today is that last night, all of the Taunton Press websites went off line about 11:50pm Eastern.

The websites came back online by 2:30am eastern, but the contest voting page was sending people to their online store.

By about 8:00 am eastern the contest link was sending people to the voting results page.

The only thing we can figure is that the voting software crashed and they had to disable it and since it’s a Sunday they don’t have anyone there to fix it.

We are hoping that they get the voting page fixed tomorrow when their computer people get to work!

Since we are only IN the contest and not RUNNING the contest there isn’t anything we can do but wait :(

If you have any questions or want to vote for us, leave a comment or send an email to us at 6daughters AT and we’ll notify you when it’s working again.

We assume since there are 10 days left in the contest, CraftStylish will have the voting page fixed ASAP.

Thank you for your votes and support so far. There’s still a long way to go for us to capture first place and hold on to it!


Wow! 2nd!

Saturday, January 17th, 2009

My room has ascended to 2nd place - thanks to all who have voted! I need less than 200 votes to make it to first, so if you haven’t voted, please consider doing so. Then I’ll have to maintain a lead, so keep spreading the word!

Hooray! We made it to #2!

Hooray! We made it to #2!

My children were excited and posed for this picture while out enjoying temperatures that were tolerable to play in (after two days of negative temps).

Here’s the link if you haven’t voted yet (remember to vote for 6 Daughters, 6 Wedding Dresses):

Thanks again!

Closing in on 2nd place

Saturday, January 17th, 2009

Well today we’ve made good progress closing the gap to 2nd place.

Thank you for all of the nice complements and encouragement, we really appreciate it!

Some of you have wondered what it’s like with the 6 daughters (and 2 sons).

Well it’s tough to find a tooth brush holder, for example. So, I made one this last weekend.

Toothbrush Holder for 10

Toothbrush Holder for 10

This is a prototype, the next version will incorporate some changes and will be made from straight hardwood.

Well, remember to go vote for Ellen, please?  (you could win a $500 prize for voting)
vote for this one –> “6 Daughters, 6 Wedding dresses by LRae”


An email you can send out for us

Sunday, January 11th, 2009

Subject: Help me win this sewing contest for Ellen!

Hey everyone, need some help.

Ellen (my wife) entered a contest to design a sewing room. I told her
she needed something unique to get the judges attention, so she made a
design called “6 Daughters, 6 Wedding dresses” and submitted it.

Well, she made the top 10! (of thousands of entries)

Now the help part… I told her if she could make the top 10 I could
probably win it for her… :-(

Soooo… Go vote for her, please? (you could win a $500 prize for
vote for this one –> “6 Daughters, 6 Wedding dresses by LRae”

The sewing room prize will go nicely to helping make their dresses :-D
(Yes, I really have 6 daughters, 2 sons too)


PS, Send this on to everyone you know! :-)

PPS, If you have contact with another homeschool group, could you send
this on to them and ask them to help? Perhaps we can get help from the
whole country!

We even setup a website where we are going to track her progress: